Saturday, October 03, 2009

10 Delicious Free Fonts with commercial-use license

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Ethan Dunham recently launched Fontsquirrel a showcase of free commercial-use typefaces which provides high-quality commercial use, free fonts. Take a look at this selection of ten delicious free fonts you can use in your design projects. This collection includes Aller, Fertico Pro Regular, Colaborate, Neo Retro Draw, Ubuntu Title, Marketing Script, UglyQua, Universal Fruitcake and Yanone Kaffesatz.

1. Aller (download)

2. Fertigo Pro Regular (download)
You can download this very nice font for free from (requires registration).

3. Colaborate (download)

4. NeoRetroDraw (download)

5. Ubuntu title (download)

6. Marketing (download)

7. Justus (download)

8. UglyQua (download)

9. Universal Fruitcake (download)

10. Yanone Kaffeesatz (download)