Monday, October 26, 2009

3 Benefits When Using Twitter As A Customer Service Tool

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When we, the customers have a complaint or query directed to a company, we either visit the corporate website or ring up the busy hotline.

But how many times has the inadequate FAQ list frustrated us? And how long did we have to wait before we finally hear an unrecorded voice at the other end of the call?

All these speak failure.

Could Twitter be a solution? It might not be perfect, but it certainly could help patch up some of the major flaws of other customer service tools.

1. It is fast

At least from the consumer’s perspective. Rather than waiting for an operator to pick up, or looking through a whole chunk of FAQs, tweeting allows a customer to send the query directly to the customer service personnel.

The biggest challenge faced by businesses on Twitter is the speed of replies. Hence, having a dedicated Twitter customer service representative is crucial. His or her job scope would be to handle the account during office hours.

2. It is fun

Twitter BirdThe Twitter experience is cool and refreshing as compared to engaged hotlines and boring FAQs.

It is fun because it involves interaction. Except for the sales people, businesses don’t normally speak to consumers directly.

It forces businesses to speak, leading to a more intimate relationship between customers and businesses.

3. It is effective

Did being fast and fun make it effective? Partly yes. But the best part of Twitter is it being a social networking site.

While FAQs, hotlines and even emails are all very much a one-sided customer service tool, Twitter helps you initiate conversations and gain feedback. You don’t have to wait till someone complains to care, ask followers how satisfied they are and start casual chats.

Your following list can only keep growing unless you give users reasons not to. Over time, your Twitter account will slowly become an asset as Twitter reaches worldwide adoption.

Summing it up

customer-serviceTwitter is powerful but using it as a sole tool is suicidal.

FAQs and hotlines are still very much required in most businesses to give customers more options.

However, with a customer oriented approach, Twitter can greatly value add the customer service system, in a way no other platforms can. Try it and be pleasantly surprised by great customer response!