Monday, October 05, 2009

45 Absolutely Astonishing Helvetica Typographic Posters

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Helvetica is not a just a font. It is a culture, motivation and trend. Designers all over the world loves to incorporate Helvetica in their work. Are you a Helvetica Fanatic ? Are you passionate about Helvetica? Here are 45 really amazing poster about Helvetica that expresses what is Helvetica and how it has inspired good designs.

Before we dive into the awesome posters just a brief look at Helvetica’s History. Helvetica was developed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957. It is a sans-serif typeface that is used in every medium such a web design, print, logo design and many more. If you are more interested in Helvetica’s history and origin you can follow up here .

1. Helvetica-licious

Helvetica Poster

2. Helvetica

Helvetica Poster

3. Simply Helvetica

Simply Helvetica

4. Helvetica

Helvetica Poster

5. Helvetica Space

Helvetica Space

6. Helvetica Poster

Helvetica Poster

7. Helvetica Poster

Helvetica Poster

8. Helvetica

Helvetica Poster

9. Helvetica, How I Love Thee

Helvetica Poster

10. No Longer Friends

Go Away Helvetica

11. Helvetica

Helvetica Poster

12. Helvetica Poster

Helvetica Poster

13. Helvetica Poster

Helvetica Poster

14. Helvetica Winter Typography

Helvetica Natural Poster

15. Helvetica Makes Me Sick

Helvetica Poster

16. Helvetica “Meet The Family” Poster


17. Helvetica Wood Type

Helvetica Wood Type

18. Helvetica Depressed

Helvetica Depressed

19. It’s Alright, Ma…

Helvetica I am Only Bleeding

20. Hellabotica

Helvetica Bot

21. I love The Coolest Font Helvetica Wallpaper

I love Helvetica

22. Helvetica


23. Helvetica with Love

Helvetica with Love

24. Bold As Helvetica

Bold As Helvetica

25. Helvetica Live


26. Thank Fuck For

Thank Fuck for Helvetica

27. Helvetica Tribute

Helvetica Tribute

28. I love Helvetica

I love Helvetica

29. Helvetica

Helvetica 3D

30. Helvetica Love

Helvetica Love

31. Only Use Helvetica

Only Use Helvetica

32. Helvetica on Skin

Helvetica Skin

33. Helvetica 3D

Helvetica 3D

34. We Love Helvetica

We Love Helvetica

35. Helvetica Designer’s Best Friend

Helvetica Designer's Best Friend

36. Helvetica Typographic Design

Helvetica Typography

37. Sex with Helvetica

Sex With Helvetica

38. Helvetica

Helvetica Pretty 3D

39. Dusty Helvetica

Dust Helvetica

40. Helvetica Poster Blue

Helvetica Poster

41. Helvetica Radiohead

Helvetica Radiohead

42. Love Helvetica

Love Helvetica

43. 950s1

Helvetica Poster

44. Helvetica Architectural Type Design

Helvetica Architectural Type Design

45. Neue Helvetica

Neue Helvetica