Saturday, October 03, 2009

5 Websites For Beautiful Orkut Scraps

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Its time to change the way you send scraps to your friends. Surprise your friends with some beautiful scraps like image scraps & flash scraps. Also send them some cool songs which they like along with scraps. And you don’t need to find this stuff here and there as here are the 5 best websites that have orkut related stuff.

  1. WishAFriend has many good orkut scraps and orkut graphics. It also has some flash animated scraps, countdowns, calenders, quizzes, quotes and name generators to send to your friends.


    123orkut is my favorite. I always use this website whenever i need some good scraps. 123orkut has very nice orkut smileys, glitter scrap maker, flash games, occasional scraps and more.

  • is completely user friendly site, very easy and loads faster. It has very large collection of Orkut related stuff.

  • ScrapsLive

    ScrapsLive is another good website for orkut scraps. It also has Glitter text generator, Bubbles text generator, Christmas tree generator.

  • FunScrape

    FunScrape has over 350 categories and 25000 comments. You can find a Variety of Greetings, Comments, Graphics, Mp3 Codes, Flash Greetings to Send to your friends on Orkut.