Saturday, October 17, 2009

All About #BeatCancer

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#BeatCancer is a social media experiment and movement created by Everywhere, a social media communications and content company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The idea was spawned by Managing Partner, Tamara Knechtel. "We were headed to BlogWorld in Las Vegas with a few of our clients, including Jermaine Dupri. We knew we'd be in a hotbed of major bloggers and twitterers and Don Lemon and I were talking about how the power of social media should be used for more than just marketing products. If Ashton Kutcher could get a million followers, couldn't we take on a social cause through social media? My business partners who've watched as I've struggled with cancer suggested we try to beat cancer through social media. Thus #BeatCancer was born." Knechtel immediately reached out to Rick Calvert, organizer of BlogWorld, and Guinness World Records to see if they could compete to set a record for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media. Both agreed and in no time, others joined in the movement providing sponsorship support.

In a 24-hour period of time starting Friday, October 16th at 9 am (PDT) and lasting until Saturday, October 17th at 9am (PDT) people all over the internet stratosphere will be asked to send tweets and Facebook status updates and to blog using#BeatCancer in their posts. Ebay/Paypal and MillerCoors Brewing Company will donate a penny ($0.01)* for every Twitter message, Facebook update or blog post that includes the phrase #BeatCancer. All money will be donated to non-profit cancer organizations including SU2C (Stand Up to Cancer), Alex's Lemonade, Bright Pink, and Spirit Jump. All of the non-profits are 501 (c)(3) organizations and accredited by The American Cancer Society. A listing of all organizations and a live stream of postings can be found at

"The team at BlogWorld is proud to be part of this record-setting social media event," said Rick Calvert, CEO of BlogWorld/New Media Expo "We're especially excited that we can be the launch point for bringing people together to help fight cancer."

In addition to the corporate sponsors (eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors Brewing Company), Radian6 is donating its services for best in class tracking and monitoring. Slash7, a web design firm, donated time to build the www.beatcancereverywhere.comsite which will showcase real time tweets and data. Sevans Strategy, a public relations and new media firm, donated media outreach and partnership services.

*up to a designated amount.

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Tamara Knechtel
404-862-8240 (phone)

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