Sunday, October 04, 2009

Delete Twitter Direct Messages with Automated JavaScript

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Working on twitter, has been a great experience in my Web Experience so far. A perfect place to hang around for updating and sharing knowledge. But, since I joined it, I had many followers with Auto-Generated Direct messages, which just over-populated my Inbox. Reading and Deleting every single Direct Message was really a tough Job.

But, not now, as I found a JavaScript working on Twitter Application, which was further modified for the Web based Twitter. Below is a simple procedure to Install the Script and delete DMs from the twitter inbox.


  • Login to your twitter account.
  • Click on the Direct Messages.

image thumb13

  • Next, user will see list of messages listed in the Inbox.

image thumb14

  • Further, click here to Run the JavaScript.
  • Once the JavaScript is executed, a control panel will appear on right corner.

image thumb15

  • Select “All DM’s” Radio Button, “include inbox items” checkbox, and hit Delete Button to start the process.

image thumb16

  • Once you hit the delete button, sit back and have patience unless and until JavaScript logs with a popup window.

Finally, after the process, twitter inbox will be cleared. Note the JavaScript is tested on Firefox 3.0, Opera, Safari, Chrome and is Working Fine. Please be very specific to the procedure and executing JavaScript. Post comments, queries, or assistance required as your feedbacks.