Monday, October 19, 2009

Diet SMS Contest FAQs

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The way people would write a 'diet-sms', would be to truncate the way normal English sms / conversation is written. For eg: instead of writing 'Lets meet for lunch' as an sms, which is more than 15 characters, in order to avail the benefit of a diet-sms, a consumers would write - 'ltz mt 4 lnch' (which is within the limit of 15 characters). The objective of the contest therefore is to promote this 'new language"

1. What is the name of the contest?

The contest is called as - 'DO the dietalk'

2. How does one play the contest?

This contest will be promoted and played on the various social networking platforms.
A customer would be able to play this contest on - orkut, twitter, facebook, Yahoo! messenger, MSN messenger and Gtalk. Table below demonstrates what the customer needs to do to play the contest:

Its very critical to follow the instructions of updating the status / sharing tweeples etc in equal to or less than 15 characters (including spaces). In case of any queries, pls contact :

3. What is the contest duration?

The contest will run for 14 days.

4. How do I register / add the official TATA DOCOMO id to play the contest?

Please visit On the website a customer would be able to see the links which will take him/her on the official TATA DOCOMO pages on Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. The webpage will also highlight the official id's which may be added as 'friend' on Yahoo! messenger, MSN Messenger and Gtalk.

5. How do I start playing the competition?

You are in the competition, the moment you register with us. We will acknowledge you as a participant, when we receive the confirmation that you have registered with us on any of the following platforms - Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gtalk etc

6. Do I need to pay to register?

Absolutely not! This contest is open to anyone and everyone, who is a bonafide citizen of India. The registration with the TATA DOCOMO fan pages is absolutely free. When you add the TATA DOCOMO id as friend, you will not be charged anything

7. Will TATA DOCOMO use / take / access information from my personal page (on Orkut, Facebook, Twitter etc)?

Not at all. We would be able to view your entries for the contest, only when you add us as your friend on these various platforms and hence the request to add us. Please be sure that we will not use your personal information in any way.

8. Can I participate in the competition any number of times?

Absolutely! Once you register with our fan pages (on Orkut, Facebook and Twitter) / add us as your friend (on Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk or MSN Messenger) you can participate in the competition everyday.

9. If I am declared as a winner, what do I win?

Every day, for the duration of the contest, TATA DOCOMO's nominated Jury will select the 'winners for the day', from all such participants. There will be two winners for the day, one will get the Acer E1 handset and the other will win i-POD Touch 8 GB!

10. When do I get to know that I am a winner?

Please keep a look-out on We will be declaring the list of winners for the day on the website. The winners for the day will get reflected in the list, next day.

11. If I have further questions, who can I speak to?

We are more than happy to respond to your queries. There are two ways you can get a response on your query.