Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Font Size Court orders Google to pay woman $2,847 as fine

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Rio de Janeiro: A Brazilian judge has ordered Google to pay 5,000 reais ($2,847) to a woman for not removing offensive comments about her posted on the Orkut website.

Judge Marco Aurelio Froes ruled in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday that the US-based company was liable because it did not remove the postings on the social networking site.

Marco said Google was not to blame for the statements, but it should have pulled the postings when the woman asked that they be removed due to their "offensive" content.

Google did not remove the postings until the court issued an initial order in favour of the unidentified plaintiff.

The US tech giant was initially ordered to pay 10,000 reais ($5,694), but Marco said in his latest ruling that the sum was "excessive".

Google's public relations firm said the company did not have a comment because it had not yet reviewed the ruling.

Source : CNN IBN