Saturday, October 03, 2009

Free tools to create your own social network Facebook-like

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Are you looking for free tools to create your own social network Facebook-like? Take a look at this popular free services on-line.

1. Ning
Ning is a popular online platform for users to create their own social websites and social networks quickly and free:

2. SocialGO
SocialGO lets you easily create and run a feature-filled social networking website. You choose who can join, what they can do and how it looks and the best part is it's free to get going.

3. Elgg
With Elgg you can create your own social network, quickly and easily. Elgg allows you to take full advantage of the power of social technology with elegant, flexible solutions for organisations, groups and individuals.

4. WackWall
WackWall is another social network builder tool. Your network can have custom design, photo/video sharing, forums, blogs, events, and such - all easy, fast, and FREE!

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