Saturday, October 03, 2009

Two fantastic free services to enrich your blog

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Today I want to suggest two fantastic free services which can help you to enrich your blog adding new interesting contents on your pages: Apture to add multimedia content on your website (photo, text, links...) and blipBack a nice widget to receive video comments from your friends.

Apture: I discovered this great service some day ago and I like it immediatly. What is Apture? Apture is a free service to add multimedia to your website with one click, integrate text, images, video, maps, music, documents, presentations and more from 20+ sources. In this way you'll keep visitors on your site, instead of sending them away.

But how does Apture work? Before to use it you have to sign-up, create for free your own account and add one o more websites. Second step is to install Apture code on your pages. Installation process supports the most popular blog platforms and doesn't require particular knowledge of HTML... so you can add Apture on your website just with one click! After installing you are ready to add all media you want on your pages. When you browse your website a little window like this (Apture Dashboard) will appear on pages. The only thing you have to do in order to add a link to a multimedia content is to select a text with your mouse and choose the source you want to link from the search window. The result? Take a look for example at the following links: usability, or at Barack Obama or Delicate.

blipBack: blipBack is a new service which allows you to add a video comment system on your website or social profiles (Facebook, MySpace...). In this way anyone with a webcam or video-enabled phone can leave a video message on your pages. The only thing you have to do is install the code or embed this widget into your pages.

Any suggestions? Add a comment!