Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vote for Earth

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The elections are over. The band-baja has been put away. The winners are in the Parliament, the losers at the paan-shop. The world’s largest democracy has voted and gone back to sleep. And India is a nation on the march.

Meanwhile, Earth dies. Not suddenly, but bit by bit. It bleeds by a million tiny cuts. Toxic pollution courses through our precious rivers. Mutant organisms are taking root in the soil we live off. Our seas are being emptied of all life. The very air we breathe is turning against us.

But Earth was never an issue before the elections, and it’s not an issue now. No promises were made to protect this little blue planet of ours, and none of them will be kept.

That’s exactly why we have to look after it ourselves. The election campaign is over. The campaign to save the Earth must begin now.