Saturday, October 03, 2009

What is orkut Promote?

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  • Orkut Promote lets you and your friends share YouTube videos, photos, or text with each other, so you can easily spread word of a funny video, a cool picture, or an upcoming event.
  • You can reshare your friends promotions, and they can reshare yours, so the information can spread throughout orkut.
  • Once you've promoted something, you can track how many people have seen your promotion, and how many of them have shared it with their friends or trashed it under the my promotions tab.
Take a look at this video presenting orkut Promote:

How do I promote something?

1. Click promote on the left sidebar of your profile or homepage.
2. Enter a title and a comment.
3. Choose if you'd like to add more text, a YouTube video, or one of your public orkut photos.
4. As you add different elements to your promotion, the preview box will update to reflect your changes.
5. When you are satisfied with your promotion, click create promotion.

How do I monitor my promotions?

To monitor your promotion, just click promote on your left sidebar, then navigate to the my promotions tab. In this section you'll be able to:

* Preview your promotion
* See how many people have clicked, viewed (for videos), or trashed your promotion
* See who has promoted your promotion
* Monitor how far your promotion has gone (from friends, to friends of friends, and so forth)
* Stop or delete your promotion

Who can see my promotions?

When you first create a promotion, only your friends will be able to see it. However, if one of your friends decides they like it enough to promote it themselves, then all of their friends will also be able to see it, and these friends of friends too can share your promotion, and so forth.

Since a promotion can quickly go viral, do not promote anything you aren't comfortable with everyone seeing. Keep in mind, if you decide you no longer want a promotion running for any reason, you can either stop or delete your promotion by going to the my promotions tab.

Why are there sometimes ads in my promotion box?

Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. You can trash or repromote ads in the same way you can do with your friends' promotions.