Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Y,000,000,000uTube: Hits 1 Billion Views Per Day

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Did you notice YouTube’s new logo today? It has been modified to celebrate its ‘1 billion views per day’ milestone!

That’s a hell of a lot of video views.

YouTube CEO and Co-founder, Chad Hurley, wrote a blog post to thank all YouTube Fans.

“Today, I’m proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. This is great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you.”

Despite being knocked out of 3rd placing by Facebook, YouTube has been steadily growing as the lead video sharing site.

Holy Crap: 1 Billion a day!

logo_holy_crap_1bn_a_day-vfl124472Check out YouTube’s ‘1 billion views milestone’ logo.

Its URL states: logo_holy_crap_1bn_a_day :D