Friday, November 27, 2009

75 Ways to know whether you are addicted to Facebook.

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  1. You feel popular when someone "tags" you in a photo (it shows others that you do actually get out).
  2. The mini-feed was a hot topic of discussion for a while among your friends.
  3. You think "poking" is a valid form of flirting.
  4. You have Facebook "friends" that you've never met in person.
  5. As soon as you meet someone in real life, you go home to search for them on Facebook.
  6. You feel cheated now that everyone can join.
  7. You have pressured someone to join just so you can "friend" them.
  8. You think your image is controlled by your profile picture.
  9. You've created a group and evangelized everyone to join.
  10. You think that wishing someone "happy birthday" on their wall is sufficient.
  11. When you are talking to someone on the phone and writing on their wall at the same time.
  12. You take pictures for the sole purpose of putting it on Facebook.
  13. You join a new group on a daily basis
  14. You stop talking to people who haven’t joined Facebook yet.
  15. You break up with someone by changing your relationship status.
  16. You find yourself saying things like "I will tag you in this photo" when you are out.
  17. You check your account more than one time every hour!
  18. You often make references to Facebook when you are in social situations! (ie. "Oh I think I am friends with you on Facebook")
  19. You converse with other people more on their "walls" than in person
  20. You wake up in the middle of the night just to write on people’s walls about your dream/nightmare you just had.
  21. You check your facebook when you walk into a computer store.
  22. You write on people’s walls more than you write notes in class.
  23. You try to check the profiles of people you don’t even know
  24. You create a group.
  25. You tell everyone to invite their friends to your group.
  26. You ask people to join even though you know they wont use it.
  27. You make short wall posts so that you can post more often and therefor receive more walls yourself.
  28. When someone writes on your wall, and you respond in a matter of seconds.
  29. When you take your laptop in the bathroom with you so you can finish a conversation without asking the other person to wait.
  30. You poke people for no reason and repoke over and over (not realizing there’s no point in doing it).
  31. You consider FACEBOOK as part of your activities, hobbies and interests.
  32. When your dog has FACEBOOK.
  33. Your usual bedtime has shifted by two or more hours.
  34. Are you unable to make it through the day without opening FACEBOOK once?
  35. You write on someone’s wall and tell them you wrote on their wall when they’re RIGHT BESIDE you when you could’ve told them in person.
  36. You deactivate your account, then reactivate it, then deactivate, then reactiviate it again…. don’t bother trying to leave.
  37. Do you look at all your friends' pics nonstop?
  38. You are in class and you use all the class time to create a quiz to keep your group members active.
  39. You check Facebook daily, multiple times a day, or all day.
  40. You always ask for admin or officer when you join a group.
  41. You wake up at night wondering is someone wrote on your wall.
  42. You add people you don’t know just to have more friends
  43. You belong to more than 30 groups.
  44. You post at least 10 comments a day.
  45. You regularly read through the list of groups so that you can be sure to add yourself to clubs.
  46. You make your first priority to check your e-mail in the morning, just in case someone added you or messaged your Facebook account overnight.
  47. You find yourself frustrated when you search for someone, only to find that they are not (yet) a Facebook addict like yourself.
  48. You have forced at least one of your friends to join Facebook.
  49. You have pressured someone to join just so you can “friend” them.
  50. You update your Status daily.
  51. You use Facebook Mobile.
  52. It's the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night.
  53. You log into Facebook before checking your regular email.
  54. You trawl your address book for who hasn’t signed up yet, or who you haven’t invited yet.
  55. You can't wait to attack as many friends you have in wereolves, vampires, zombies, werewolves vs vampires, ninjas vs pirates & etc to gain point and level up to be stronger, changing your status and icon.
  56. You made your home page.
  57. You search through a list of first names to pick out the picture of that random person you met last night when you were out—you don’t know their last name.
  58. You are disappointed when you click on a person’s picture only to find that you can’t access their personal information because you are not their “Facebook friend.”
  59. You randomly search through your friends’ friends to find more people to add.
  60. You spend hours of precious study time viewing photo albums and pictures of people you went to high school with but haven’t talked to since.
  61. You enjoy in glee receiving drinks whether from Booze Mail, Top Friend, Happy Hour, Octoberfest, or Pub Crawl.
  62. You get in a fight with your significant other because he/she doesn’t want to be officially “Facebook dating” yet.
  63. You throw yourself a little Facebook party when you reach the big marks: 50 friends, 100 friends, 200 friends...
  64. You feel faint or shaky during work or class—and other times when you don’t have access to Facebook.
  65. You add as many applications as possible—and actually use them actively.
  66. You constantly look at your online friends list to see who's available to talk with wall-to-wall.
  67. You constantly do things to your profile so that you will show up in your friends' news feed more, and hopefully their friends will see your name, and those who know you will become friends with you.
  68. You name a pet after one of your Facebook friends.
  69. Your homepage does not even get to load before you switch to go to facebook.
  70. You celebrate being someone's #__ (100th or 1000th) wall post by leaving a post of just that. "Haha I'm your 4372 wall post..."
  71. Facebook is in your T9... and automatically caps the F
  72. You own three or more accounts.
  73. You talk about flair in daily conversation.
  74. You refer to Facebook as FB
  75. Yes, You are right. If you keep sharing blog posts, like the way you are going to do this post, Then Undoubtedly you are addicted to Facebook.

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