Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to add orkut share button on your blog or site

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Orkut is keeping on updating their interface to face out the rivals facebook and twitter. Recently orkut has whole new makeover by changing its looks completely, with plenty of brand new feature which the old orkut didn’t have. And now its Orkut share, it just same like the widgets tweetmeme and facebook share does. Just by clicking Orkut share, the user or the reader can share the interesting content with his /her orkut friends. In short the orkut share widget allows the website owners or bloggers to enable their visitors to share the post with visitors friends on orkut

Do add it up into your site or blog. Have fun by sharing interesting post!!

When the visitor click on share button and share the article, it automatically appears on the visitors friends update list, which instantly have the potential to spread it virally among a larger group of people. Every single such share could tremendously increase the traffic to the site / blog.

Download the script and to add it up into your site. Click download

For Blogger and For Wordpress

While implementing the above process in your site or blog, the shared content by visitor gets automatically in the shared visitors orkut promotion page-

And this is how it seen in yours updates-

And do add up Orkut Share Widget on your site or blog. And have fun by sharing interesting posts!!