Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Now Add up your favourite Images / Videos in About Me Section in New Orkut

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Now Orkut have become much cleaner with its new unique looks... so as to compete with its

rivals Facebook and Twitter. One new feature that i left out during my past few post is that

now in our New Orkut account you can add a image / video to your about me section

Preview in New Orkut

Preview in the Old Orkut

Just check out the 2 thumbnail preview updated above.. so you'll get to know what i intended...

Step by step process.. how to add up image/video in about me section!

1. Upload any image that you intent to put up in about me section either to your orkut album or to any photo sharing sites like (Flickr, PhotoBucket, Picasa, Youtube etc.....)

2. Then copy the Url of the image / video

3. And finally paste it on your About me section

For Example :

After uploading an image (any where as mention earlier) .. you can get a url like this

Just copy that and paste it in your about me

or search the image and open it in a separate tab, then right click and select the whole image and paste it directly to about me section.

It takes few time to get updated to your profile..., but keep refreshing..

And finally you get the image / video their in About me section..

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