Saturday, November 28, 2009

Play Geek Enuf Contest 2 in 3 simple steps

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Tata Docomo has always given the best to its users. Recently Tata Docomo has got over with the two contests. Now it’s the third contest all setup to start on midnight of Sunday November 29th. In order to win you need to be a geek, not that prefect geek among your friends. But all you need is the coolest gadget in town, the Samsung Galaxy i7500 to be a geek.

Now here is the 3 easiest steps to play Geek Enuf Contest 2

So next log in using facebook or orkut or twitter to play the contest.

6 important tips to be noted before playing Geek Enuf contest 2

1. As soon as you click the button below you will be taken to the Geek Zone challenge which will have 10 multiple choice questions. You have 90 seconds to answer them.

2. If you answer question 1 correctly you get +1 point, if you get it wrong you get -1! Get Question 2 correctly you get +2 points but if you get it wrong its -2! Each question gets you greater points and so for example question 10 gets you +10 points if you get it right and -10 if you get it wrong!

3. You can pass a question and no points apply

4. In case of a tie the person with the lesser time taken wins!

5. Remember if time runs out your score till that point is calculated

6. BEWARE - DO NOT REFRESH the page from now on or you lose your chance! No cheating!

So why waiting click below tab to start playing Geek Enuf Contest 2

#NOTE: Each day you can play once using each of your Facebook, Orkut or Twitter ID's - max 3 chances a day. You can only crack into the geek zone if your final score is positive!

Sneak peak to Geek Enuf contest 3 - Click Here