Monday, December 07, 2009

5 New Facebook Features - Leaked

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Facebook as usually is trying out their best features to its users. Facebook is trying out to make their product more advanced one. Down below are the 5 new features that soon you could see on Facebook in the near future. Here are some of the pic that were leaked on net. So the following are the features:

1. Personal Friend Categories:

Here in new facebook feature, the user can create his own personal categories. ITsome what similar to lists in twitter..

2.Couldn't Give Two Sh*ts:

The second interesting feature is the "couldn't give two sh*t". It a kind of funny user interative thing that they have added. This feature is almost similar to the like and unlike feature that is now present in facebook.

3. Advanced Friend Suggestions:

This is also funny section. here the friend suggestion have made in way or making convince us look into the suggested profile. the option said are too funny man!!

4. Automatic Post Tagging:

Now while writing on once wall note or some note or some header for the post that you going post, the names that you may include have turned into auto tagging. Which means if type write a new on wall note facebook would suggest automatic tagging to name , if he o r she is there in your friends list.. kwel feature!!

5. Future Feed:

This is also a funny add on to facebook. Here people can write up their own future feed and they will be automatically posted on that particular date and time. But now itself facebook live feeds make users much confused and into chaotic situation.

picture courtesy: college humor

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