Friday, December 04, 2009

Five Years of Digg and counting

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(By Kevin Rose, CEO Digg)

Five years ago today, went live. What started as a simple idea has certainly come a long way. From a vision of a new way to surface news, and a team of three, to 40+ million monthly visitors and 80+ passionate employees…well, suffice it to say that I’m very proud of what we’ve become.

There have been a lot of memorable moments over the years. From the Paris Hilton phone hacking incident to cracking the HD-DVD key, you guys have defined Digg and are the reason for our growth. To date, we’ve had over 14 Million stories submitted and Dugg by you.

So for today, our 5th birthday, we have a couple of things to celebrate and share.

First off, we’re excited that Dec 4, 2009 is officially “ Day” in our home base of San Francisco. We are proud and humbled by this honor.

Also, as way to commemorate all of the great submissions over the past five years – and more to come – we’ve today launched Digg 365, a visualization of all of the blockbuster stories surfaced with your millions of Diggs. We worked with our friends at The Barbarian Group to provide an interactive, fun way to showcase the top ten stories on any given day, month or year. You can also see the top ten in each category by year. The ability to view past stories this far back hadn’t existed until now, and we wanted to show it in a pretty cool way.


Hard to believe five years have gone by, but I’m even more excited for the next chapter. We’ve got some amazing things in store, and with your help will continue to change the way people discover and share the content they care about.

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Kevin Rose