Friday, December 04, 2009

Google acquired AppJet

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Year 2009 was an year of acquisitions for Google. In the last six months alone, Google had acquired ReCaptcha (for scanning books), AdMob (for mobile advertising), On2 Technologies (for video compression), and Teracent (for targeted display ads).

Now adding up the 5th acquisition to that list. Google has just acquired AppJet, the creators of the real-time collaboration word processor EtherPad . AppJet was a website that allowed users to create web based applications in their web browser. AppJet was founded by 3 MIT graduates, 2 of whom were engineers at Google prior to AppJet. They launched their initial public beta on December 12, 2007, allowing anyone to create a web app. AppJet’s announced that, their products and its staff will become part of the Google Wave team.