Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hootlet 1.0 - Extension for Google Chrome released

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Well as we all know Hootlet is a secret weapon because it has the power to completely change how you use Twitter, Facebook and Linkein. Want to share a link? Hit the Hootlet button, and automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site. Today they have introduced a new Google Chrome extension - Hootlet 1.0.

How Can the Hootlet's Google Chrome Extension Help?

The Hootlet saves time. With it, you no longer have to manually shorten a URL — an link is provided automatically. Headlines are grabbed from the source’s tag and are used as default text. Best of all, you never have to leave a site to tweet about. This is why the Hootlet is our secret weapon — and will be yours too.

To download the extension , Click Here.