Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Play Do Year Contest

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Tata Docomo has always given the best to its users. Recently Tata Docomo has got over with many contests. Now it’s the Do Year Contest is all to start on midnight of Sunday December 27th. This content last till 4th of Jan 2010. There are two contest going on under the Do Year Contest, they are namely Do Year Resolution Contest and Do Year Greetings Contest. Prizes to be won in this contest are BlackBerry Gemini 8520 handset every day!! Wow thats awesome sexy phone!! and 10 winners each day will be 10 exclusive TATA DOCOMO Sweatshirts (1 Sweatshirt per winner) respectively for each of the contests.

First of all starting with Do Year Resolution Contest:

As always here goes the three easy tips, How to play Do Year Contest:

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So whats next? Why wasting time.. Click Below to Participate to post in the wackiest Do year resolution in 110 words 


* For  T&C of  Do Year Resolution Contest please click here.

Secondly with Do Year Greetings Contest:

Here all what you need to do is submit a wacky Do Year Greeting


* For T&C of Do Year Greetings Contest please click here.

So enjoy this New Year with the Do Year Contest!!