Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Telangana' amongst hottest searches on Google

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Telengana is amongst the hottest searches on Google right now. Interest zoomed up this week, with the maximum searches from Hyderabad and Delhi. Sites like Telenganaonline have seen a 400 per cent surge in traffic in just seven days. Twitter gets over a hundred and fifty messages every hour, some tongue in cheek, others a bit more informed.

Orkut has got a pro-Telengana hue, with over 1,000 victorious status updates, while YouTube has loads of videos uploaded over the past 24 hours - for anyone who needs a backgrounder on the issue. Bloggers are having a field day too. From militant separatists justifying a new state, to horror-stuck predictions of India breaking up, they are all here. So if you don't know yet about the fire down south, log on and get informed.