Monday, February 15, 2010

Orkut celebrates Brazilian Carnival

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Today Orkut have Changed their logo to Orkut Carnival Doodle. Orkut is celebrating the Brazil's Carnival wordwide. Celebrations can be found all over Brazil, from parades in small towns to the samba schools and wild street parties of major cities like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Recife. Hoping for your own piece of Carnaval fun? Look no further than the special doodle the orkut team has created for the orkut sign-in page:

 Carnaval Brazil 2010!

The beat of the drums is booming from the streets, tambourines are in hand, and the rhythms of samba, frevo and axĂ© are making the whole country want to dance. It’s Carnaval in Brazil! Get your costume ready, buy some confetti and you'll be all set to lose yourself in one of the world's largest parties.

(via Orkut Blog)

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