Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Beautiful Dark Themes for Windows 7

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3 dark themes for Windows 7 that are just so beautiful to look at.

This edition we’ll reveal 3 themes for Windows 7 that’s dark in nature. That means you can stare at the computer screen for longer without straining your eyes much ;)

Windows 7 RED Theme


Windows Vista RED is a flavor of Windows that’s created to support AIDS in Africa. Part of the profits from Windows Vista RED goes to eliminate AIDS in Africa. Windows 7 RED Theme is mimics Windows Vista RED product. If you’ve missed buying the RED flavor of Vista you can use this theme on Windows 7 to show your support.

Download Windows 7 RED Theme (direct link)

More information about Windows 7 RED theme.

SevenMaxClearLiveBlack Theme


SevenMaxClearLiveBlack is a dark theme that’s mostly on the black side. It carries some of Windows Vista’s black color and has blended-in nice enough to give it an edge.

Download SevenMaxClearLiveBlack Theme (direct link)

More information about SevenMaxClearLiveBlack theme.

The Dark Knight Theme


The Dark Knight Theme is a Batman influenced theme. You might like it if you are a Batman fan. It’s mostly black in nature with a Batman wallpaper and has the sidebar widgets flavored to reflect the Dark Knight theme.

Download Windows 7 The Dark Knight Theme (direct link)

More information about the Windows 7 The Dark Knight Theme.

To install these themes, unzip the files and copy the files to “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” folder. For any of the gadgets you have to install those separately.

Of all these, Windows 7 RED theme is my favorite. What is your favorite? Share with us on comments.