Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 5 of the best Windows 7 themes for Windows XP

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Download some of the best Windows 7 themes for Windows XP.


If you work in a corporate environment you might be stuck with the age-old Windows XP even though you might personally prefer the upcoming Windows 7 look and feel.

Of course, Windows XP cannot provide you with some of the best features of Windows 7 but you can make it to look like Windows 7. Here are some of the best Windows 7 themes for your Windows XP machine.

SevenVG RC Theme


SevenVG RC Theme is one of the best themes that can make your Windows XP look like Windows 7 without using any customization packs. This gives you better control of what you have to replace in your Windows XP machine than a customization pack that’ll force change quite a lot of system resources without you knowing much about it.

SevenVG Black Theme


SevenVG Black Theme is almost the same as then SevenVG RC Theme except that it comes-in a black version if you don’t like those blue colors of SevenVG RC.

Windows 7 V2 Theme


Windows 7 V2 Theme has a great touch of Windows 7 and has Aero as well as Glass style Taskbar. The Toolbars looks good as well with the background color.

Windows 7 Complete Theme


Windows 7 Complete Theme comes with a mix of Windows Vista and some Windows 7 flavors.

Windows 7 Theme for XP


Windows 7 Theme for XP from Sid Crafty is a simplistic theme that mimics the Windows 7 Taskbar more precise.

Windows 7 Mod for XP


Windows 7 Mod for XP is another simplistic Windows 7 theme that has a great looking Windows 7 Taskbar in glass. It looks the theme itself uses a lot of glass features. Looks cool.

These are some of the best Windows 7 themes for your Windows XP machine. Again, the point is to avoid those customization packs that force replace a lot of system files.

All these custom themes would require a patched “uxtheme.dll” file. It’s pretty simple, you need administrative privileges to do this but if you have the permission it’s pretty straight-forward.

For Windows XP SP 3
For Windows XP SP 2

I hope you liked these themes and I’m sure once applied you’ll love the new look of your old Windows XP machine.