Friday, October 16, 2009

Bmiint Google Wave Invitation Giveaway

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Hi I know everyone of you or at least most of you are looking for Google wave invitation and I really wish if I can invite everyone here.

The problem is I already got enormous request from Google wave invitation and I have only 7 invites left now. So to make it fair, I have come with an idea on who will get this invitation.

I will be giving away 7 Google wave invitation to shoutmeloud readers and participation is very easy.

I have installed My top commentator plugin, that will help me to keep track of all who is

commenting here at Bmiint and no. of times he has commented on different posts.

I will be running this giveaway for a week from today. All you need to do is,

Comment on shoutmeloud Different posts as much as you can. Top 7 commentator after a week will get the Google wave invitation instantly.

Tweet atleast 3 useful posts from Bmiint including this post, you can see Tweet button at the top of this article.

Make sure you add a comment on this post, including your tweet link, so that we can confirm your participation.

Some rules to follow

  1. No keyword in name, use your real name when filling the comment form. You also need to enter the same email address, so that I can keep track of your no. of comments.
  2. Any comments like “Nice info”, “Good Share” will not be counted. You need to add values to posts.
  3. To spice up your comments, you can signup for Gravatar to show an image with your comment.
  4. To speed up your comment you can also install Easy comment firefox plugin.

The only reason I have to come up with this contest, because I need to be fair with this invitation and I can only invite few people. So all you need to do is read useful posts from the past and add useful comments.

You can also write about this giveaway on your blog with link to this article, this will increase your no. of comments to +15.

  1. One comment = 1 point.
  2. One blog post with link to this article : +15

Remember Commentator with maximum point ( i.e maximum no. of comments ) after a week winners will be the announced.