Friday, October 16, 2009

How to push your Twitter updates to Facebook

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Twitter is an ultimate marketing and micro blogging sites where you can give any updates regarding your day to day activity or some information about your new blog post or any other important tweets that may be useful for your followers.

Facebook is also a very fast growing social media website which can be used for a marketing purpose.

Twitter to facebook

Suppose you are present both on Twitter and Facebook and if you face any problem in active on both the sites then you dont need to worry.

There is an application in Facebook known as Twitter application from the help of which you can push your Twitter updates to Facebook.

Login to Facebook> Go to Twitter application page> Allow access> Login with your Twitter username and password. After login all the updates from your friends pulled to an application. You can update your Twitter status from the application page also. Click on the Facebook button Want to update you Facebook Status? Click here to grant access to Facebook to updates your Tweets updates on your wall.

So this way you can push your Twitter updates to your feeds. Let me know by your comments if you face any problem regarding setting of application.