Friday, October 23, 2009

Doodle 4 Google - Vote Now

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Over 4000 children drew doodles representing the Doodle 4 Google theme, 'My India', and told us what India means to them.
Below, you'll see a display of our top 45 finalists. Please vote for your favourite doodle in each of the following groups:

We ask that you vote for your favourite doodle in EACH of the three groups mentioned above. Please note that you might not be able to vote more than once, so select the doodle you want to vote for carefully.

Online voting is open from 21st of October 2009 to 31st of October 2009.
Thank you for voting and look out for the final winner's doodle on on 14th November 2009!

Judging Process

600 Semi Finalists

The best 600 doodles from across the country will be chosen via our judging criteria in each of the three age group brackets. This means that each age bracket will be equally represented.

45 Finalists

A judging panel will choose 45 top doodles (15 from each age bracket) to become our finalists. These 45 top doodles will be displayed in a gallery on this website on October 21, 2009. These will then be made available to the Indian public who can vote for the doodles they like best in each age bracket.

Judging Panel: Our judging panel will include renowned cartoonist, N.Ponnappa, young internationally acclaimed artist Raghava KK., as well as faculty and students of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad <>, our Doodle 4 Google partner institute and one of India's foremost institutions in the field of design education.

Prizes: All 45 finalists will be invited to attend the final awards ceremony in November 2009. We will cover stay and travel expenses for all 45 finalists + one adult (teacher, parent, etc). In addition, all finalists will receive a Doodle 4 Google certificate and a Google goody bag.

Final Winner

After the public online vote across the three age brackets, the final winner will be decided by Google’s original doodler, Dennis Hwang. The final winner will be announced at an awards ceremony attended by the finalists and members of our judging panel.

Prizes: The final winner will have his/her doodle displayed on the Google India homepage on November 14th 2009. He/she will also win a laptop! Finally, the winner's school will also be awarded a technology grant of Rs.1,00,000.