Friday, October 23, 2009

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Talks About Future Of Web

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who is one of the most influential tech people around, shared his views on the future of the web.

Here are 5 highlights of his speech:

1. Chinese will dominate the web (both the people and language)

2. Connections are so fast that distinctions between audio, video and text are going to be blurred in just 5 years

3. Thanks to user generated content, as overwhelming a it might be, streams of information will increase as connection increases.

4. Teens today consume information differently and are able to juggle various forms of information seamlessly

5. Google’s problem will fundamentally be the same: to organize information and rank them accordingly

More from Eric Schmidt:

“We’re not trying to design the future. We’re trying to invent it along the way … This is about inventing the future, and we score ourselves based on whether our customers like it.”

“You will tend to listen to other people,” he said.


It seems to me that web 2.0 is going to be leading the way for quite some time. The line between a “news content site” and “a social site” is starting to fade.

Hot favorites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube and LinkedIn are currently dominating the web 2.0 sphere. With the bar set so high, the next “big thing” must be really innovative to grab a decent share of the market.