Saturday, October 03, 2009

Facebook Users Will Be Able To Voice Chat Soon

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vivoxFacebook has recently introduced the lighter version of Facebook that is Facebook Lite. Now here is another good news for all the users of facebook. Facebook users will be able to voice chat soon like google chat in gmail. So now you can start a high quality voice conversion with anyone on your friends list.

According to CNET news, this new feature is not being offered by Facebook. Instead it will be powered by Vivox, a Boston-based company that provides the integrated voice services for virtual worlds like Second Life and EVE Online.

To use this new voice chat feature, each user will have to download and install vivox’s plugin. But once it is installed the service works almost seamlessly with Facebook.

Vivox is making its technology available to any third party Facebook application developer, means that almost any app from gaming to utilities can have a voice chat.

via : CNET