Friday, November 27, 2009

14 Drawbacks of Google Wave

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The Wave preview is pre-beta software, with lots of missing functionality. This appendix is a quick list of 14 things what you can't do yet in Wave.

Currently, in the Wave preview you cannot:

1. Disable real-time, keystroke-by-keystroke live-typing in draft waves, then post them to the hosted conversation by clicking Done (this feature is forthcoming)

2. Remove participants from a wave if that participant is not a bot (this feature is forthcoming)

3. Make a wave read-only (Google "looks forward to offering this functionality in the future.")

4. Ctrl+Z (Undo) changes as you're editing a wave

5. Copy gadgets; the menu item is disabled in the date drop-down menu, a likely indicator this
is forthcoming

6. Cut blips into other waves (Wave surgery). Google has said that this is coming

7. Hide or expand all inline blips; the menu item is disabled in the date drop-down, a likely indicator this is forthcoming

8. Diff revisions that aren't sequential in playback

9. Set your status to invisible or away (if you're online you've got the green dot whether you like it or not)

10. Merge waves or blips

11. Organize your contacts into groups

12. Rearrange blips' vertical order

13. Delete waves or remove participants from waves (both promised)

14. Prevent someone you added as a participant form making the wave public, and thus exposing a potentially private conversation.

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