Sunday, December 06, 2009

39 Useful Google Wave extensions

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Here is a list of 39 Google Wave extension that one can add to your wave account. The 39 extensions are been classified into four categories namely chatbots, conversions, groups and games. Sorry if still don't have a google wave account, please Click Here


1. – An implementation of the Eliza chatbot borrowed from the NLTK.

2. Eliza the Robot Shrink - – Is one of the first robots that was created by non Googler and is very useful if you are feeling alone in your Google Wave client.

3. Notatory - – An obnoxious chatbot borrowed from the Natural Language Processing Toolkit.

4. TooAngel Wave - – A self-learning robot, that will respond to a reply in a more humanoid way


5. Bold-ee - - Will automatically convert any specially tagged phrases into a contextually relevant image. There is a similar robot called pick-ee where can choose from a collection of images to best represent each phrase.

6. BotURL - – A URL Linker that replaces full URLs with hyperlinks.

7. – This bot will do in place calculations for simple mathematical expressions and allow you to use user defined variables.

8. – Replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Colors the balloons based on username.

9. – Cleans up blips by converting TXT shorts/common misspellings; adding capitals and removing empty blips.

10. – Removes and prevents Comic Sans formatting from any Wave.

11. Dice – Dice-rolling bot. Dice Bot will replace XdY (X is the number of dice; Y is the number of sides) with the results of those rolls.

12. – Turns text upside-down.

13. – Replaces “PMID ” with article information from PubMed.

14. – Replaces ASCII art with wingding characters.

15. – Evaluates Python expressions. Looks at blips in event, searches for CALC() macros and executes Python code using exec().

16. – Information Needed

17. IPA Bot - – Changes normal letters into special characters used for phonetics.

18. – Syntaxy does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, css and javascript.

19. Magic Card Linker – – Will take any Magic card name listed between [c] and [/c] tags and autolink it to that card’s Gatherer page, such as in [c]Wrath of God[/c].

20. – Will convert any specially tagged phrases into a contextually relevant image. User can choose from a collection of images to best represent each phrase. There is a similar robot called bold-ee that will automatically select the relevant image.

21. – Replaces image URL in blip with that image.

22. – Turns whatever you type into “Pirate Speak” .. Arrrr.

23. – Plots sparklines from your data.

24. – Replaces profanities with a censored version with ***’s blanking out the letters.

25. – QuranWave is a Google Wave Holy Quran robot that search the surah and aya of user’s blip and display the corresponding Quran gadget. An English or Indonesian translation is displayed as well.The gadget can also recite the ayahs displayed.

26. Rob – This bot replaces long urls (>24 chars) with a tinyurl..

27. Swedish – Changes english into Swedish-Chef Speak. Bork! Bork!

28. Talk-Like-A-Pirate! – Translates your blips into pirate lingo.

29. – Use LaTeX mathematical language in your Waves!

30. – It empowers the user with the ability to query Wolfram Alpha’s Computational Knowledge Search Engine right from a “wavelet” and retrieve the results right into the “blip”.

31. – Inserts random fortunes from the unix utility. Provides several libraries and a search function.

32. – Replaces specific marked up text with a link to Wikipedia or a description relevant to the marked text.


33. Hangman bot – Play Hangman.

34. Random Lee – This is a dice rolling robot with a focus on providing “inline” dice rolling for several popular Roleplaying Game systems. Using one of the dice codes described on the home page for the bot, just enter a dice roll into the blip and it will be processed and the result inserted in the blip.

35. Roshambo Robot - Play Roshambo (Rock / Paper / Scissors).


36. Groupy – Robot to manage groups.

37. Groupy – – Robot to manage groups.

38. – Posts your wave to the directory of public waves at and adds a voting gadget that permits your wave participants to rate your content.

39. WaveGroupy - The bot automatically adds a group widget, which you can use to browse the neighbourhood, and add/remove your wave to groups.