Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Wallpapers for your PC

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As you might already been noticing, we are already covering some good things for our Christmas Specials, so that you can change the icons of your desktop or add some nice high quality Christmas social networking icons to your website.

The first thing that you see when you start your computer is your desktop, so we decided to feature some really high quality Christmas desktop wallpapers, which you can download and use for free.

(Click on the images to download the wallpapers)

Merry_Christmas_by_dimant Christmas_Wallpaper_by_baikolio Christmas_Wallpaper_II_by_Adamoos Merry_Christmas_2007_by_Shane66

Christmas_Wallpaper_2_by_hungry_vampire_f Merry_Christmas_by_vikas1307

Christmas_Ornaments_by_blu99 Christmas_Wallpaper_1_by_hungry_vampire_f

Sweet_Christmas_by_exodo31 MERRY_CHRISTMAS_SINGLE_by_DigitalPhenom

Christmas_Bulbs_Wallpaper_by_JackieW It__s_Christmas_Time_by_InfinitoWD

Christmas_by_thetrend25 For_You_-_Merry_Christmas

Blue_Christmas_Wallpaper Christmas_Tree_by_theRenegade

I__ll_Have_a_Blue_Christmas_by_DigitalPhenom Red_Christmas_by_zotagmaster



A_Cooling_Christmas_by_pehmingbin Snow_man_snow_child_by_vladstudio

MErry_ChristMas1_by_vikas1307 Merry_Christmas_by_aresa

Christmas_Volcano_by_vladstudio Christmas_Wallpaper_by_Matilde


We will keep adding more Christmas wallpapers to the list as and when we come across them. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite ones.

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