Friday, December 04, 2009

Tata Docomo 'DO Year' Animation Contest!

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Well Tata Docomo is yet again with another contest 'DO Year' Animation contest. This contest opened to all the mindblowing animator across our country. As Tata Docomo quotes "Jump onboard and lets DO something together you and I!. Bamboozle us with your creativity!"

Now whats the contest all about?

New Year is often a time when people resolve to pursue the chosen “DO’s” with a renewed vigor and commitment. The animation film should celebrate this resolve and spirit of DO in every individual!

DO whatever with our characters - D, O, C, O, M and O, in a 15-20 seconds 2D / 3D / stop-motion (whatever forms you are good at) etc animation video, in an AVI or MPEG format. Set it to our Do-Do-Do tune. Become a star by showcasing your talent to the whole world.

And What do Winners get:

  1. Its important that you DO, therefore the entry that our jury selects will get INR 1,00,000 award
  2. Better still, your creative work will be telecasted on Television.

'DO Year' Animation contest terms and conditions click here
To download our logos and the brand signature tune click here
To read the
'DO Year' Animation contest FAQ's click here

Remember The Contest is open from 3rd December 2009 until
20th December 2009. So why waiting now, bring out your creativity and let the world appreciate you and your work!!.

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