Monday, December 07, 2009

Google now with Real Time Search

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Few month before Google revealed about the real time search. Now it has been turned out to be a reality. Google has just launched real-time search, it has ben integrated into search results pages.
see the below video for more info.

Google's real time search feature is that it keep on updating anything or everything that happens around the globe 24*7. Google real time search includes live twitter updates, yahoo answers, all the news articles, blog updates, website updates etc...

With Google Real Time search been active from today. Google have also planned to link up with major social networking sites Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and — along with Twitter, , inorder to pull out the real time feeds and updates. And all those feeds and updates would seen only for those who are public profiles. Which means public can see what the person update. and it goes live to web.. i mean to google.. if anything related is search..

So far this new feature is not available for all around. its also like in a preview mode. but seems that within days this feature goes completely live.However, all users can see it now via a “Hot Topics” feature that’s been added to Google Trends. Click on any trend, then click a “Hot Topic,” and you’ll see the new “Latest Results” area of Google search results. For example, you can currently see real-time updates for Facebook is given below

Google also demonstrated Google Goggles, a visual search application that lets you search for objects using images rather than words, using your camera phone. For more information on these mobile innovations, check out the Google Mobile Blog.

With google going on live today with real time search... it would become 1 big drawback for Bing. As we all with real time search coming.. Google is planning to move far head into the future.