Sunday, December 06, 2009

[Warning] - New Facebook Chat v2.0 app is a phisher scam, stay away!!

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Hope you all have noticed about an application named New facebook chat v2.0 has been urging users to activate the new facebook chat with new features like video chat, font colors, animations, group chat and faster speed on your walls. Its actually coming up on your wall since because any of your friends might have activated the phisher application and have invite you.

Now what's Facebook Chat v2.0 application?

Facebook Chat v2.0 application is a scam phisher application as it sends to many notifications and users say it really doesn't work. After few steps it asks users to click on an ad to complete the activation. After you click on activation, following screen appears:

Fake facebook chat

Why say New Facebook Chat v2.0 is called a Phisher scam!!

1) Since because it isnt developed by the official facebook developers.
2) This new application is not mentioned in the official facebook blog.
3) In final steps of activating this application, it asks users to click on an advertisement to complete the activation.
4) Thoushands of people reporting in various forums that no such feature are available.
5) It oftens sends unnecessary notifications to activated users.

Now what to do as precautions:

Its actually a phishing scam trying to access and store your profile information or trying to harm your computer. Its urging users to click on ads. So all what i suggest to my readers are,

1) Just ignore this application.
2) Report this application to facebook.
3) Remove this application soon as possible if you have been added to your profile.
4) And final do reset your passwords.

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