Friday, February 12, 2010

New Orkut layout now with Themes

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The older version has themes like Christmas, Winter, New year, Fireworks, Independent India etc… It has been only few months since now many of us have started using the newer layout version of Orkut. In the beginning New Orkut offered us only few colors, later they added up a bunch more to it. But now they have come with the themes for the New Orkut.

 So far the New Orkut has 18 stunning themes. Basically they are been categorized into Abstract patterns, Celebrations, Fun, Mood and Emotions.
So to apply these new themes, you must be in New Orkut layout. Scroll down your mouse next the color palettes that you used to change the colors, where you could find out link to new themes page.

Then just select a theme by clicking preview mode.
Thus it goes in a preview mode, if you are satisfied with it, then accept the theme by clicking ok button.

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